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📖 Leverage Point

By Gerald N. Lund

➞ 13 Nov 2017, 01:12 PM

Day two of the photo challenge: tasty

Ham fried rice

➞ 12 Nov 2017, 04:13 PM

Entry for photo challenge day one: squares

Bee squares

➞ 11 Nov 2017, 04:52 PM

Riding the wave

Embracing the effects of a phasic personality

Been playing with Working Copy to make it easier to post to my GitHub Pages blog from my iPad and iPhone. Excited about how simple it is!

➞ 8 Nov 2017, 10:18 PM

Beautiful fall full moon

➞ 4 Nov 2017, 10:26 PM

I have large hands and have gotten used to the Plus-sized phones, but the iPhone X is the perfect size. And Face ID really is everything it’s cracked up to be!

➞ 3 Nov 2017, 10:48 PM

Getting pretty excited about my delivery tomorrow… I was delightfully surprised when my ship date got bumped up from Nov 10-17 to then be scheduled for launch day. 📱🎉

➞ 2 Nov 2017, 11:35 PM

📖 The Walking Drum

By Louis L’amour

➞ 31 Oct 2017, 06:48 AM