Silicon Slopes 2018 Sketchnotes

Sketchnotes from the Silicon Slopes 2018 Tech Summit

Getting started with iOS development

A basic set of resources for those considering learning to code iOS apps

Updating layouts for iPhone X

An ongoing summary of lessons learned from updating designs for the iPhone X

Simpler blogging with Working Copy

Combining Workflow and Working Copy makes for powerful, easy blogging from iOS with a GitHub Pages blog

Riding the wave

Embracing the effects of a phasic personality

WWDC 2017 Michelle Obama Event Sketchnotes

Sketchnotes from the conversation between Michelle Obama and Lisa Jackson

WWDC 2017 Keynote Sketchnotes

Sketchnotes from the keynote of WWDC 2017

Homeschool Path to College Sketchnotes

Sketchnotes from a homeschool presentation on helping prepare children in high school for college

Public drafts with a GitHub Pages blog

Improve the process of publishing from anywhere by previewing drafts on your actual site

Using Workflow to publish to GitHub Pages

Leverage the power of automation to reduce friction in publishing from anywhere

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