Úll 2016 Sketchnotes

Úll has been wonderful so far. I had the pleasure of sketchnoting the first day of the conference, and wanted to post them to have them all together.

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Úll 00

Úll 01

Úll 02 David Smith: Copy the right things

Úll 03 Cian Walsh: Environment matters in design

Úll 04 Stephen Coyle: Lessons from composing music to programming

Úll 05 Laura Savino: Embrace failure to get moving

Úll 06 Matt Drozdzynski: Transforming from client to product work

Úll 07 Clay Smith: Benefits of pet/house sitting

Úll 08 Max Seeleman: Four lessons to succeed with a team making products

Úll 09 Horace Dediu: Why Apple continues to be great

Úll 10 Kathy Campbell: A Stroke of Luck

Úll 11 Dermot Casey: Morality of Software

Úll 12 Tammy Coron: All Roads Lead to Rome

Úll 13 Katie Lips: Art Not Work Manifesto

Úll 14 Silvana Langley: Rediscovering your childhood heroes

Úll 15 Alexandra Cox: Manic Dependency

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