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Public drafts with a GitHub Pages blog

I wrote last week about publishing to a GitHub Pages blog using Workflow on the iPad. As I worked on writing that post, I realized there was one piece missing from my process: previewing the draft. When I write locally on my computer, I compile the site using Jekyll commands and include drafts. Then I can work on a post and make sure that the links all work properly and do a final check before publishing the post. With the Workflow process I created, a post would go straight from iA Writer to being published on my site, and that made me a bit nervous.

Using Workflow to publish to GitHub Pages

Leverage the power of automation to reduce friction in publishing from anywhere

Writing reusable code

Make your own life easier by focusing on writing code that you can reuse in multiple projects

Using Carthage to add third-party code

Simplify third-party dependencies using Carthage and Git submodules.