Úll 2016 Sketchnotes

A collection of my sketchnotes from the Úll 2016 conference

#inktober day 31: Friend.

One of the most important nights of the year to have someone you trust with you. 🎃

Trick or treating

#inktober day 30: Wreck.

“This was clean when I left two minutes ago!”

Messy room

#inktober day 29: Surprise.

Boo! 👻

Ghost surprise

#inktober day 28: Burn.

Breakfast in bed from the kids is such a mixed blessing…

Burned food

#inktober day 27: Creepy.

All brothers know how to inspire fear.

Creepy brother

#inktober day 26: Box.

Surprise! 🎉


#inktober day 25: Tired.

How on earth do those tiny legs move so fast?


#inktober day 24: Dozen.

Once you get past four or so, it stops mattering how many there are.

Dozen kids