#inktober day 26: Box.

Surprise! 🎉


#inktober day 25: Tired.

How on earth do those tiny legs move so fast?


#inktober day 24: Dozen.

Once you get past four or so, it stops mattering how many there are.

Dozen kids

#inktober day 23: Slow.

Often the best things in life just take time.

Reading book

#inktober day 22: Little.

Everyone needs a friend who thinks the world of you.

Piggy back ride

#inktober day 21: Big.

“So big!”

So big baby

#inktober day 20: Squeeze.

Somehow this always comes as a surprise to the kids.


#inktober day 19: Flight.

Even the magic of your first flight doesn’t stop you missing home.

First flight

#inktober day 18: Escape.

Getting dressed: the daily ritual that transforms a parent into a warden.

Escaping child